Not just another product when Sans Frontiere is in charge of the launch

When you are launching a new product into the market, a high-impact, focused marketing campaign that will reach your target audience and simultaneously support your sales team is essential, especially in these straitened times.

So, when Sans Frontiere’s long-standing energy client Remeha Commercial asked us to launch their eighth generation condensing boiler, the new Remeha Gas 310/610 Eco Pro, we began with some thorough groundwork, totally familiarising ourselves with both the new product and the target audience. Understanding your client’s message and product is key to a successful campaign.

As the Remeha Gas 310/610 Eco Pro is a new, evolved model of condensing boiler, it was important for us to promote the key distinguishing benefits to the identified audience using the iconic, stylish branding that Sans Frontiere has created for Remeha Commercial. We wanted to produce a creative, impactful strategy that would impress itself on the minds of our client’s existing and potential customer base.

To achieve this, we devised a campaign that would ripple across all media starting with a trade press launch at Remeha House; an eye-catching series of adverts and banners online and in print in the HVAC and facilities management press were accompanied by a sustained PR campaign that included technical features, articles and product pieces; our digital team created unmissable eShots around the new Remeha Gas 310/610 Eco Pro, sent to key specifiers and consultants through the databases of key trade publications; we released a steady stream of promotional tweets about the new product to the numerous followers that we have grown for Remeha on their Twitter and Facebook accounts; we came up with a new eLetter promoting the new product and other Remeha activities, to send to our client’s customer database; and, last but not least, we produced a promotional video and comprehensive marketing brochures and leaflets to provide creative, visual marketing support for the Remeha sales team. All this was backed up by detailed product and information and news articles on the Remeha Commercial website.

Sans Frontiere is a full service marketing agency. We are proud of our ability to combine marketing, advertising, PR, creative design and digital prowess to create powerful, dynamic, customised campaigns to send your message to your existing and new target audience. We are delighted that the Remeha Gas 310/610 Eco Pro page of the website received over 800 hits in the first few weeks of this campaign – proof of the outstanding success of Sans Frontiere’s creative strategy for this launch – and ample justification for the evenings spent burning the midnight oil in preparation…
If you’d like more information on how Sans Frontiere can help you with your branding or marketing, feel free to call Kate or Audrey on 01273 487800.